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Giuseppe Pasceri

My passion for software, computational thinking and the digital products was born many years ago, when I was probably less than ten years old. One evening my Mum coming back home brought to me a very old manual of the IBM series 36 devices that someone had thrown away (I never knew where she had recovered!), knowing that I was already crazy for “the computers”… I began to save all the pocket money, to do some little job and finally after two years I managed to put aside enough money to buy my first computer (actually my Dad helped me a little …): a Commodore 64! well, there was not enough money for the recorder that only came after six months; this forced me to have to program and reprogram, because every time I turned off the C64 everything was lost … that’s how I wrote my first original software at 13, a kind of Photoshop to draw circles, lines and squares (but I managed to save it on cassette eh!) Everything became a profession in the early '90, I started working for a small company in the Milan area that wrote software for the futuristic Quaderno Olivetti… It was 1996 and I created my first website for a large luxury company; my first eCommerce platform arrived in ‘98 and then in the summer of 2000 I joined Yahoo! where I worked as Technical Product Manager for 7 years… until 2007 where I started the adventure in the gaming industry for RCS and Digital Bros. In 2010 I moved to eBay, with which I relaunched the Kijiji and eBay Annunci properties, as well as working internationally on global platforms in the following years on the Product Development side. Since 2015 I have been part of the management team of Jobrapido, a beautiful Italian digital company operating in the world of online global recruiting as a search engine. The opportunity to join the Digital Transformation Team / Italian Government came in the autumn of 2017, when I met Diego Piacentini who convinced me of the goodness of the idea and the importance of this mission. I am currently leading Adevinta Italy as CEO, known for its brands, and now The Second Hand Effect is the core of what we do, giving a second chance to things and people in the distributed and sustainable ecosystem of the circular economy. Transforming for the better organizations with a purpose is what I like the most.