E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

Company Profile

Adiacent is the reference digital business partner for the Customer Experience and the digital transformation of companies. Thanks to its integrated expertise on data, marketing, creativity and technology, it develops innovative solutions and structured projects to support you in your growth path.

Adiacent has 9 offices throughout Italy, and 3 offices based abroad (China, Mexico, USA) to better support companies with a team of more 350 people.

From platforms development to data analysis and artificial intelligence, from communications and marketing strategy to creative concepts, up to the world of virtual reality: we carry out projects that involve many different areas of expertise to help you achieve concrete, traceable and valuable results.

We work on the most important technological platforms, such as Adobe, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, BigCommerce, Facebook, Google, HCL, IBM, Magento, Microsoft, Salesforce, Sitecore and Shopify building strong and significant partnership with them.

With over 50 specialized resources focusing on the Chinese market, we are the leading digital Italian company for China. Together with Var Group, Adiacent is part of Sesa Group, leading distributor of ICT solutions in Italy.