• E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

    The construction of a unified customer journey between digital channels and physical stores. Consumer perspective, merchant needs and business solutions.

  • Payment & Fintech

    The scenario of payment systems between present and future, in the light of new technological solutions and consumer behaviour. Opportunities and challenges for merchants and players in the payment chain.

  • Enabling Technology

    Blockchain, artificial intelligence and new technological innovations that are redesigning the relationship with the customer and the way of doing business.

  • Marketing & Martech

    Marketing for digital companies: adv strategies, user experience, marketing automation, livestreaming commerce and technological evolutions to support branding and engagement objectives.

  • Export

    How to face the digital markets in the world: which strategies, which operational approaches, which elements of attention.

  • Store Digitalization

    L’impatto del digitale per una nuova modalità di esperienza e di servizio nei punti vendita. Trend e prospettive di omnicanalità per il new retail.

  • Legal & Fiscal

    The main elements that impact the development of a digital business: between current obligations and new scenarios to be monitored. The most innovative perspectives from the insurtech scenario.

  • Logistics & Packaging

    The logistics supply chain at the heart of e-commerce: scenario, prospects and solutions from warehouse management to last mile. Evolutions for logistics operators and merchants.