Payment & Fintech

Company Profile

Axerve defines and proposes solutions to meet and anticipate all the needs in the field of payment acceptance, on all channels, both physical and digital. Knowledge of the market and cutting-edge technology makes Axerve a strong partner for business development and Axerve supports its more than 100,000 customers, and guides them in understanding and anticipating all their payments needs. Thanks to the authorization to operate as a Payment Institution, Axerve covers the entire value chain of payment services.

Axerve proposes an ecosystem of solutions that can be adapted to different markets, and has developed omnichannel cross-selling dynamics that allow merchants to reach a high level of personalization and to seize the opportunities that innovative payment systems generate in terms of value-added services.

The offer consists of a single platform to accept all types of payments, from all channels, through physical and digital gateways such as POS, Ecommerce solutions, Cashin machines and omnichannel solutions that are constantly evolving to meet market changes.

To enable merchants to realize their potential in Ecommerce, Axerve has developed Payment Orchestra™, a platform designed to offer a suite of cutting-edge payment services that favor high conversion rates and reduce commissions. The solution allows companies to quickly and securely orchestrate multiple international Ecommerce payments through a single channel, simplifying configurations and integrations thanks to a proprietary software architecture.

Axerve is part of Fabrick, an open financial ecosystem that promotes Open Finance at an international level.