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Company Profile

Contactlab offers engagement marketing products and solutions to maximise business returns and reinforce client-brand relationships through customised multi-channel messaging plans. Contactlab also offers multi-technology campaign management services with certified professionals on the most important marketing cloud operating in the Italian market. Contactlab also provides full outsourcing management services for digital direct marketing activities on the most important cloud marketing of the market, consultancy for loyalty programs creation, and project support for email marketing strategies and best practices.

Thanks to the reliability of our Contactlab Marketing Cloud and the experience of our digital marketing experts, companies gather information about individual consumers to enhance their shopping experience, create loyalty programs with an impact on brand’s revenues and deliver highly individualised, multi-channel contact plans through email, SMSs and push notifications.

Our experts, with over 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, build successful engagement programs together with brands, mapping the state of the digital evolution and of the competitors to plan the following strategic positioning actions.

Founded in 1998, Contactlab is led by its founder Massimo Fubini, an entrepreneur and a digital innovator since 1995. Today Contactlab works with over 400 leading brands around the globe.