E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

Company Profile

Google’s mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Through platforms such as Search, Maps, Gmail, Android, Google Play, Google Cloud, Chrome and YouTube, Google plays a significant role in billions of people´s daily life. 

We believe that technology may help people in daily life as well as in work and business challenges. Because of that, we make this technology available to everyone, through training and free tools. With digital, in fact, it is possible to enhance small and medium-sized enterprises and support people in their personal development, benefiting the entire society. 


How can Google support you?


For businesses 

Digital allows all businesses, whether it´s a small local company, a multichannel retailer or a global brand to grow and reach new far and near customers. In order to help companies, in addition to our tools such as Grow My Store, Market Finder and Google Business Profile, we provide lessons and products useful to improve their online presence and grow within the market, contributing in turn to territory development.

For people 

The way we live digital and related opportunities is constantly evolving. Therefore, we are committed to providing people with the necessary instruments to learn, find answers to curiosities and express ideas, for example through Family Link, Google Digital Training and Be Internet Awesome.

For societies

Digital is not only a place of discovery where people exchange ideas, contents and news, but also an amplifier for whoever has the desire of creating, promoting ideas and contents. We are committed to giving people space to express their creativity, and to giving cultural organizations the necessary tools to bring art to everyone with the aim of making the web a place of motivation and cultural dialogue.