Marketing & Martech

Company Profile

The Martech group Splio introduces marketers in the Individuation Marketing® era.  The ability to exploit the full data potential, an essential activation marketing driver, together with artificial intelligence use, has led to the creation of Individuation Marketing® software suite.

Splio allows marketers to consider their customers in all their uniqueness in order to build a long lasting relationship with each of them.  The Individuation Marketing® suite offers 4 solutions:

  • An Activation solution to automate and customize marketing campaigns on all channels thanks to Marketing Automation;
  • An Engagement solution to retain customers with dematerialized loyalty programs, Mobile Wallet and referral marketing programs;
  • A Customer Data Platform to unify online & offline customer data and get a 360° view to refine segmentations, analysis and reporting;
  • An Individuation Marketing® solution that gives to AI the responsibility of identifying best communication opportunities with each of the hundreds of thousands / millions of customers in database, the decision to interact or not with each person at the right time, and the ability to measure the relevance of each message and potential channels to optimize ROI.

Splio suite has no equivalent on the market and allows marketers to become a source of income with the utmost respect for each customer.